Computer Sciences

Indices in Dynamical System (B, δ) of Binary Vectors

An algorithm is proposed for computation of indices of states in dynamical system (B, δ), whose states are binary vectors and evolutional function δ transforms vectors according to the following rules: the initial component 0 (if exists) is replaced by 1, every digram 10 by 01, and the final 1 (if exists) by 0. Correctness of the algorithm is proven..

The Continuous Schedule with Two-Element Instructions

For two-element instructions conditions of existence of the continuous schedule of service are found.

On the Solution of Chess Positions Using Computational Tree Logic

The paper describes a construction of four formulas of Computational tree logic corresponding to an arbitrary chess position. At least one of these formulas is satisfiable and leads to the solution of chess position: value of position (a draw or a victory of one of the sides) and necessary strategy for getting this value is constructed using the formula model.

The Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Identification of Some Amino Acids in Binary Mixtures

The paper develops the technique of applying the method of artificial neural networks for processing of the spectrophotometric data in order to determine the phenylalanine and tyrosine in undivided binary mixtures of these amino acids at microgramm concentrations. Calculated error in the determination is: minimum of 1%, the maximum does not exceed 10%. The maximum error is observed for mixtures in which the content components differ by an order or more.

Experiments with Non-Stationary Bilinear Discrete Systems

The existence conditions of synchronizing, homing and diagnostic sequences for the non-stationary bilinear systems are found. Methods for synthesis of mentioned sequences are suggested.

On One Algorithm for Finding of a Mask of Diagnostic Information

This paper describes an approach to reduction of a diagnostic information with a help of masks. The new algorithm for finding of a mask is proposed. The algorithm has appropriate time characteristics and small memory requirements. The experimental results show an effectiveness of proposed algorithm on fault dictionaries of circuits in ISCAS’89 benchmark set.

The Construction of Supervisory Test with the Use of the Genetic Algorithm

The article describes a control test generation method for discrete devices based on the genetic algorithm. The method operability and effectiveness have been checked by means of creating tests for circuits listed in the ISCAS’ 89 catalogue. The C++( Visual Studio 2005) program has been implemented in order to simulate circuit and generate tests. Faults are simulated by programmatically setting an appropriate object in storage to a special state, in which it acts as a faulty component.

Synthesis of Pseudorandom Test Patterns for the Discrete Device

In article the pseudorandom method of test patterns generation for discrete devices applicable for both to combinational devices and to sequential devices is considered. The entropy approach for search of optimum distribution of probabilities of input vectors is used that allows reducing average length of generated tests. For definition of the mentioned probabilities the multivariate problem of search of a maximum of output entropy with application of genetic algorithm is solved.

Methods and Algorithms of Identification of External Heat Exchange Parameters for Heat and Mass Tranfer Processes

The methods and algorithms of identification of external heat exchange parameters based on least square method are proposed. The comparative analysis of distributerd parameters identification methods is performed.


Necessary and sufficient conditions are provided for the solvability of the inverse problem of recovering Sturm – Liouville operator from its spectrum in the central symmetry case.