Computer Sciences

Increasing of Information Reliability of Digital Systems with QAM/COFDM-Modulation

Ensuring of a high level of information reliability is one of the most important tasks of the synthesis of digital communication systems for various applications.

Optimization of Calculus Mesh for Cryobiology Problem Based on Multidimensional Hashing Using NumPy

In this paper, by the example of solving the problem of constructing the temperature field in cryotherapy shows efficiency of geometric hashing performed on the basis of the NumPy package for constructing appropriate computational grid. Such an arrangement implies for each node to determine its position relative to the polygonal area of irregular shape. Such forms often modeled surfaces of internal organs. Solution build computational grid will allow for 3D visualization of the temperature field in the vicinity of cryotherapy, which will facilitate the timely temperature control.

Minimal vertex 1-extensions of palm trees

Minimal vertex 1-extension of graphs can be regarded as a model of optimal 1-node fault tolerant implementation of a system. This paper is about of the 1-vertex extensions of a graphs from a special class named palm trees.This article presents a solution to the problem of finding the minimal vertex 1-extension of palm trees with two leafs.

Recognition of a linear automaton outputs by the fuzzy outputs

A method is proposed to solve the recognition problem for unknown input sequences of a linear automaton when observed the fuzzy outputs.

The parallel variant of conditional optimization algorithm with Box complex method

This article presents the results of the adaptation algorithm for global extremum searching with presence explicit and implicit constraints complex method created by Box for systems of the distributed and parallel computing. The optimal count of nodes of computing system from the point of view of reliability a global extremum finding and time of its search is defined.

Affine transformations of geometrical images of finite automata

A subclass of affine transformations on the set of geometrical images of finite automata is investigated. The results about the characteristics and the form of these transformations are described. 

Mathematical and сomputer modeling of nonlinear waves dynamics in a coaxial physically nonlinear shells with viscous incompressible fluid between them

This study focuses on the analysis of nonlinear wave propagation deformations in the elastic physically nonlinear coaxial cylindrical shells containing a viscous incompressible fluid between them. Wave processes in an elastic cylindrical shell without interacting with fluid were previously studied from the standpoint of the theory of solitons. The presence of fluid required developing a new mathematical model and computer modeling of processes occurring in the system. 

О числе дополнительных ребер минимального вершинного 1-расширения сверхстройного дерева

Граф G* называется вершинным 1-расширением графа G, если граф G можно вложить в каждый граф, получающийся из графа G* удалением любой его вершины вместе с инцидентными ребрами. Вершинное 1-расширение G* графа G называется минимальным, если граф G* имеет на одну вершину больше, чем граф G, а среди всех вершинных 1-расширений графа G с тем же числом вершин граф G* имеет минимальное число ребер. Дерево называется сверхстройным (звездоподобным), если только одна его вершина имеет степень больше двух.

Parallel Algorithm of Optimal Parameters Calculation for the Single Channel Angular Stabilization System

On the instance of mathematical modeling of an independant angular stabilization system of rocket missiles of a volley fire developed a parallel algorithm for parametric synthesis, which allows to reduce the response time and stabilization errors of the operated combined dynamic systems, for which some design parameters change continuously in a fixed range.

The application of optimization algorithm using simulated annealing method for parallel computing systems

This article presents the results of the adaptation algorithm for searching the global minimum of multiextreme criterion function of great count of variables with constraints based on the method of simulated annealing algorithm for systems of parallel and distributed computing. The reliability of the searching global minimum, depending on the number of nodes of parallel computer system is investigated. Distributed simulated annealing algorithm using the scheme of quenching, created by Boltzmann allows to search out the area of the global minimum for a short time is represented.