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The new algorithm of quasi-optimal reorientation of a spacecraft

The classical problem of optimal control of the attitude maneuver of a spacecraft as a rigid body of arbitrary dynamic configuration under arbitrary boundary conditions for the angular position and angular velocity of a spacecraft without restriction on the control vector function and with a fixed transition time is considered. As a criterion of optimality, the functional of the energy spent on the rotation of a spacecraft is used.

An Optimal System Constructing Algorithm for Symmetry Algebra of Three-Dimensional Equations ofthe Perfect Plasticity

The present study is devoted to study of a natural 12-dimensional symmetry algebra of the three-dimensional hyperbolic differential equations of the perfect plasticity, obtained by D.D. Ivlev in 1959 and formulated in isostatic co-ordinate net. An optimal system of onedimensional subalgebras constructing algorithm for the Lie algebra is proposed. The optimal system (total 187 elements) is shown consist of a 3-parametrical element, twelve 2-parametrical elements, sixty six 1-parametrical elements and one hundred and eight individual elements.

On Recovering Integro-Differential Operators from the Weyl Function

We study inverse problems of spectral analysis for second order integro-differential operators, which are a perturbation of the Sturm–Liouville operator by the integral Volterra operator. We pay the main attention to the nonlinear inverse problem of recovering the potential from the given Weyl function provided that the kernel of the integral operator is known a priori. We obtain properties of the spectral characteristics and the Weyl function, provide an algorithm for constructing the solution of the inverse problem and establish the uniqueness of the solution.