On One Exceptional Case of the First Basic Three-Element Carleman-Type Boundary Value Problem for Bianalytic Functions in a Circle

This article considers a non-degenerate (nonreducible to two-element) three-element problem of Carleman type for bianalytic functions in an exceptional case, that is, when one of the coefficients of the boundary condition vanishes at a finite number of contour points. The unit circle is taken as the contour. For this case, an algorithm for solving the problem is constructed, which consists in reducing the boundary conditions of this problem to a system of four Fredholm type equations of the second kind.

On the Geometry of Three-dimensional Pseudo-Riemannian Homogeneous Spaces. II

The problem of establishing links between the curvature and the topological structure of a manifold is one of the important problems of the geometry. In general, the purpose of the research of manifolds of various types is rather complicated. Therefore, it is natural to consider this problem in a narrower class of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds, for example, in the class of homogeneous pseudo-Riemannian manifolds. This paper is a continuation of the part I.

On the Positive Solutions of a Model System of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations

This article investigates the properties of positive solutions of a model system of two nonlinear ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients. We found the new conditions on coefficients for which an arbitrary solution (x(t), y(t)) with positive initial values x(0) and y(0) is positive, nonlocally continued and bounded at t > 0. For this conditions we investigated the question of global stability of positive solutions via method of constructing the guiding function and the method of limit equations.

Symmetrization in Clean and Nil-Clean Rings

We introduce and investigate D-clean and D-nil-clean rings as well as some other closely related symmetric versions of cleanness and nil-cleanness. A comprehensive structural characterization is given for these symmetrically clean and symmetrically nil-clean rings in terms of Jacobson radical and its quotient. It is proved that strongly clean (resp., strongly nil-clean) rings are always D-clean (resp., D-nil-clean).Our results corroborate our recent findings published in Bull. Irkutsk State Univ., Math. (2019) and Turk. J. Math. (2019).

The External Estimate of the Compact Set by Lebesgue Set of the Convex Function

The finite-dimensional problem of embedding a given compact D ⊂ R p into the lower Lebesgue set G(α) = {y ∈ R p : f(y) 6 α} of the convex function f(·) with the smallest value of α due to the offset of D is considered. Its mathematical formalization leads to the problem of minimizing the function φ(x) = max y∈D f(y − x) on R p . The properties of the function φ(x) are researched, necessary and sufficient conditions and conditions for the uniqueness of the problem solution are obtained.

Recovering singular differential pencils with a turning point

Second-order pencils of differential equations on the half-line with turning points are considered. We establish properties of the spectrum and study the inverse spectral problem of recovering coefficients of the pencil from the spectral data.

An extension of the ordering to the set of probability measures

A general method for extension of the ordering to the set of the probability measured. It based on the Galois connection between all such extensions and subsets of isotone mappings of the given ordered set in the real numbers. The canonical extension is defined as extension determined by the set of all isotone mappings. For canonical extension, an effective description is given and the maximal measures in convex polyhedra are found. Some applications of considered methods for decision making problems are indicated.

On regularity of self-adjoint boundary conditions

In this paper we expound the favourable decision of Kamke's (Камке) hypothesis that self-adjoint boundary conditions are regular and we also establish an analogue of Jordan-Dirichlet theorem on uniform convergence of trigonometric Fourier series for the case of the expansions in eigen functions of self-adjoint integral operators from the certain class.

On optimal choise of interpolation spline on triangular net

In this paper we find a Hermite Spline on atriangle for the approximation error of its derivatives with respect to a side of this triangle are inversely proportional to length of this side.

The Principle of Localization at the Class of Functions Integrable in the Riemann for the Processes of Lagrange –Sturm – Liouville

Let us say that the principle of localization holds at the class of functions F at point x0 ∈ [0, π] for the Lagrange –Sturm – Liouville interpolation process L SL n (f, x) if limn→∞ L SL n (f, x0) − L SL n (g, x0) = 0 follows from the fact that the condition f(x) = g(x) is met for any two functions f and g belonging to F in some neighborhood Oδ(x0), δ > 0.