The Solvability of a System of Nonlinear Integral Equations of Hammerstein Type on the Whole Line

In recent years, the interest has grown in nonlinear integral equations of convolution type in connection with their application in various fields of mathematical physics, inparticular, inthep-adic theory of an open-closed string, kinetic theory of gases, in the theory of radiation transfer in spectral lines. The paper is devoted to the questions of construction of nontrivial solutions and the study of their asymptotic behavior for one system of nonlinear integral equations of convolution type with a symmetric kernel on the whole axis.

Harmonic Analysis of Operator Semigroups Slowly Varying at Infinity

The article focuses on studying of strongly continuous bounded operator semigroups. In the space of uniformly continuous functions with values inacomplex Banach space weconsider the subspace of integrally vanishing at infinity functions. This subspace includes the subspace of vanishing at infinity functions, but it is wider. We study the properties of the subspace under consideration.

Multiple Completeness of the Root Functions of the Pencils of Differential Operators with Constant Coefficients and Splitting Boundary Conditions

In the space of square summable functions on the main segment [0,1], the class of polynomial pencils of ordinary differential operators of the n-th order is considered. The coefficients of the differential expression are assumed to be constants. The boundary conditions are assumed to be splitting and two-point at the ends 0 and 1 (l of boundary conditions is taken only at the point 0, and the remaining n − l is taken at the point 1). The differential expression and the boundary forms are assumed to be homogeneous, that is, they contain only main parts.

Martingale Inequalities in Symmetric Spaces with Semimultiplicative Weight

Let (Ω,Σ,P) be a complete probability space, F = {F n } ∞ n=0 be an increasing sequence of σ- algebras such that ∪ ∞ n=0 F n generates Σ. If f = {f n } ∞ n=0 is a martingale with respect to F and E n is the conditional expectation with respect to F n , then one can introduce a maximal function M(f) = sup n>0 |f n | and a square function S(f) =?∞P i=0|f i − f i−1 | 2 ¶ 1/2 , f −1 = 0. In the case of uniformly integrable martingales there exists g ∈ L 1 (Ω) such that E n g = f n and we consider a sharp maximal function f ♯ = sup n>0 E n |g − f n−1 |.

The Il’in Spectral Method for Determination of the Properties of the Basis Property and the Uniform Convergence of Biorthogonal Expansions on a Finite Interval

The paper discusses the basics of the spectral method of V. A. Il’in on an example of a simple second order differential operator on a segment of the number line. The first theorem of Il’in on the unconditional basis property is stated. Its detailed proof is given. A chain of generalizations of this theorem is traced. A recently established a theorem on the unconditional basis property for the differential operators with general integral boundary conditions is formulated.

Necessary and Sufficient Condition for an Orthogonal Scaling Function on Vilenkin Groups

There are several approaches to the problem of construction of an orthogonal MRA on Vilenkin groups, but all of them are reduced to the search of the so-called scaling function. In 2005 Yu. Farkov used the so-called “blocked sets” in order to find all possible band-limited scaling functions with compact support for each set of certain parameters and his conditions are necessary and sufficient. S. F. Lukomskii, Iu. S. Kruss and G. S.

Nonlocal Boundary-Value Problems in the Cylindrical Domain for the Multidimensional Laplace Equation

Correct statements of boundary value problems on the plane for elliptic equations by the method of analytic function theory of a complex variable. Investigating similar questions, when the number of independent variablesis greater than two, problems of a fundamental nature arise. Avery attractive and convenient method of singular integral equations loses its validity due to the absence of any complete theory of multidimensional singular integral equations. The author has previously studied local boundary value problems in a cylindrical domain for multidimensional elliptic equations.

Approximation of Continuous 2 p-Periodic Piecewise Smooth Functions by Discrete Fourier Sums

Let N be a natural number greater than 1. Select N uniformly distributed points tk = 2πk/N + u (0 6 k 6 N − 1), and denote by Ln,N(f) = Ln,N(f,x) (1 6 n 6 N/2) the trigonometric polynomial of order n possessing the least quadratic deviation from f with respect to the system {tk}N−1 k=0 . Select m + 1 points −π = a0 < a1 < ... < am−1 < am = π, where m > 2, and denote Ω = {ai}m i=0. Denote by Cr Ω a class of 2π-periodic continuous functions f, where f is r-times differentiable on each segment ∆i = [ai,ai+1] and f(r) is absolutely continuous on ∆i.

On Inverse Problem for Differential Operators with Deviating Argument

Second-order functional differential operators with a constant delay are considered. Properties of their spectral characteristics are obtained, and a nonlinear inverse spectral problem is studied, which consists in constructin goperators from the irspectra. We establish the unique nessand develop a constructive procedure for solution of the inverse problem.

Hermite Interpolation on a Simplex

In the paper, we solve the problem of polynomial interpolation and approximation functions of several variable sonann dimensional simplex in the uniform normus ingpoly nomials of the third degree.Wechoose interpolation conditions in terms of derivatives in the directions of the edges of a simplex. In the same terms we obtained estimates of the deviation of derivatives of polynomial from the corresponding derivatives of an interpolated function under the assumption that the interpolated function has continuous directional derivatives up to the fourth order inclusive.