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Computer Sciences

The concept of medical decision support systems in surgery of the spinal pelvic complex

Russian clinical guidelines for the treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculo-skeletal system contain references to the need for careful preoperative planning. In Russian medical organizations, as a rule, the traditional approach to preoperative planning is used, which implies the use of acetate implant templates along with X-ray films.

Vertex extensions of 4-layer graphs and hypercubes

J. P. Hayes proposed a graph-based model of fault tolerant systems, which in a more abstract form corresponds to vertex and edge extensions of graphs. A graph $G^*$ is called a vertex $k$-extension of a graph $G$ if the graph $G$ is embedded in every graph obtained from $G^*$ by removing any $k$ vertices. If no proper part of the graph $G^*$ is a vertex $k$-extension of the graph $G$, then the extension $G^*$ is said to be irreducible. If a vertex $k$-extension has the minimum possible number of vertices and edges, then it is called minimal.

Impeller flowmeters as a tool for assessing blood flow in an experimental test bench

Many scientific groups are engaged in the development of experimental stands for assessing blood flow through large arteries. Such stands are used to verify the results of numerical modeling, as well as for direct analysis of hemodynamics or the behavior of vascular walls or biological tissue substitutes. When developing stands, a task arises which is selecting and calibrating flowmeters that are used to measure blood flow at the entrance to the vessel and at its exits.

Cognitive analysis of the structural stability for the knowledge-intensive sectors of the regional economy

The paper demonstrates the application of cognitive modeling methods to study the functioning problems of semi-structured complex economic systems. The aim of the research is to study the structural stability of the relationship between knowledge-intensive sectors and regional economy using cognitive analysis.

Assessment of the protection level of continuous production based on the Markov life cycle model

The article discusses the current level of development of automation technologies for continuous production, taking into account the compliance with the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0. A new classification of the levels of industrial safety of production processes is proposed, taking into account the stages of the plan for the localization and elimination of emergency situations. The states of the life cycle of continuous production are determined, taking into account the proposed classification.

Specification of prognostic models and software implementation of a calculator for predicting a fatal outcome in a combined pelvic injury

Based on the regression, factor and discriminant analysis of the depersonalized data of 1082 patients with combined pelvic injuries, prognostic logit models were developed, including such factors as age, the variant of the mechanism of pelvic injury, results of the assessment of the degree of impaired consciousness and coma on the Glasgow scale, and total quantitative scores of damage severity for each of the three commonly used scales (Yu. N. Tsibin's, VPH-P (MT), ISS).

Skill-based clustering algorithm for online job advertisements

Clustering on the basis of categorical data is one of the challenging problems in data mining. The paper provides the clustering algorithm for job vacancies using information about the skills required. In the first step, the procedure of unstructured textual information standardization is proposed. The resulting procedures include stages of synonyms and general terms identification based on the combination of TF-IDF and $n$-grams approaches for translated and transliterated terms.

On the functional structure of the ergatic system of precedent management of a complex production facility

The problem of the formation of the functional structure of the ergatic control system of a complex (poorly formalized) production facility (technological unit, human-technical complex, production) is considered, the solution of which is based on the use of a precedent approach to the development and implementation of control decisions (actions). The formulation of the synthesis problem for the procedure for constructing control solutions in an ergatic system is presented.

What scientific folklore knows about the distances between the most popular distributions

We present a number of upper and low bounds for the total variation distances between the most popular probability distributions. In particular, some estimates of the total variation distances between one-dimensional Gaussian distributions, between two Poisson distributions, between two binomial distributions, between a binomial and a Poisson distribution, and also between two negative binomial distributions are given. The Kolmogorov – Smirnov distance is also presented.

Possibilities of using computer vision for data analytics in medicine

This article discusses the possibilities of using artificial intelligence technologies, namely computer vision, in the field of medicine. The relevance of the topic is due to the growing burden on medical personnel and medical institutions due to an increase in the number of elderly people, an increase in the number of patients with chronic diseases, as well as unforeseen circumstances, such as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in 2019-2021.