Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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ISSN 2541-9005 (Online)


Numerical analysis of renal artery pathologies

 Mathematical modeling based on experimental data (ultrasonic imaging, angiography, 3D reconstruction via spiral computed tomography) was performed. Anatomically precise model of renal artery was created. Basic principles of blood flow dynamics with stressstrain state of artery walls were studied for normal, pathologic renal arteries and arteries with hemostasis of intraorganic branches. 

Analysis of Healthy and Pathological Human Willis Circle Arteries

The aim of this research is to explain initiation, growth and rupture processes of intracranial aneurysms from the mechanical point of view. Results of mechanical testing experiments of intracranial arteries segments are presented, method of obtaining hyperelastic material constants is described. Several boundary problems which simulate blood flow through the arteries were solved with the help of finite element method.