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dirichlet character

Distribution of Values of Dirichlet Characters in the Sequence of Shifted Primes

The new estimate for the sum of the values of a primitive Dirichlet character modulo an integer q has been obtained over the sequence of shifted primes p − l, (l, q) = 1, p ≤ x. This estimate is nontrivial for x ≥ q 5 6 +ε and refines the estimate obtained by J. B. Friedlander, K. Gong, I. E. Shparlinskii. Their estimate holds provided that x ≥ q 8/9+ε

An Estimate of a Certain Summatory Functions Class

In this paper summatory functions of form P n·x h(n)nit, 1 · |t| · T for finite-valued functions h(n) of natural argument with bounded sum function are estimated