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Dynamic thermal stability of a geometrically irregular shallow shell of constant torsion under the action of a load periodic by its time coordinate

In the framework of a Love type model, a geometrically irregular isotropic shallow constant torsion shell is considered. It is based on a strict continuum-shell-rib model. It is assumed that the geometrically irregular shell is heated to a constant temperature $\theta_0$, two opposite edges are exposed to a tangential load periodic by its time coordinate, the amplitude and frequency of which are known ($p(t)=p_0 \cos \vartheta t$).

The Geometrical Irregular Plates under the Influence of the Quick Changed on the Time Coordinate Forces and Temperature Effects

On the basis of incoherent thermoelasticity, the dynamic behaviour of geometrically irregular plates under the influence of quick changed, on the time coordinate, forces and temperature effects on surfaces is considered. An approach allowing to obtain the analytical solution of the thermoelasticity dynamic problem for the plate under inhomogeneous boundary conditions at all four edges is suggested.