harmonic measure

Extremal Rational Functions on Several Arcs of the Unit Circle with Zeros on these Arcs

The solution of anextrema lproblem aboutrational function with fixed denominator and leading coefficient of nominator which is deviatedleast from zero on several arcs of the unit circle is given under restrictions on the location of zeros and additional conditions on mutual position of the arcs and zeros of denominator. The extremal function is represented in terms of the density of harmonic measure.

Асимптотическое отношение гармонических мер сторон разреза

The article is devoted to the geometry of solutions to the chordal Löwner equation which is based on the comparison of singular solutions and harmonic measures for the sides of a slit in the upper half-plane generated by a driving term. An asymptotic ratio for harmonic measures of slit sides is found for a slit which is tangential to a straight line under a given angle, and for a slit with high order tangency to a circular arc tangential to the real axis.

Integrals of the Loewner equation with exponential driving function

We consider the qualitative local behavior of trajectories for the ordinary Loewner differential equation with a driving function which is inverse to the exponential function of an integer power. All the singular points and the corresponding singular solutions are described. It is shown that this driving function generates solutions to the Loewner equation which map conformally a half-plane slit along a smooth curve onto the upper half-plane. The asymptotical correspondence between harmonic measures of two slit sides is derived.