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hidden Markov models

The Development of Software Components for Streaming Audio Content Filtering Through the Use of Hidden Markov Models

The results of the development of efficient algorithms for streaming voice recognition using stochastic models based on the use of hidden Markov models are shown in this work. The article provides basic theoretical information for the hidden Markov model of the discrete system and the necessary parameters to define it are distinguished. Also there are three main tasks considered that need to be solved for the successful application of hidden Markov models in speech recognition systems.

Development of Speech Recognition Systems Based on Hidden Markov Models of Individual Words

The results of the development of software modules implementing the speech recognition system based on the hidden Markov models of individual words and the use of linear prediction in the coding of signs of an audio signal are presented. The structure of the speech recognition system is based on the hidden Markov models of individual words, consisting of four modules: a module for extracting words from the sound stream, a module for analyzing the features of a word, a module for learning the hidden Markov models, and a word recognition module.