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квантовый компьютер

Quantum Computers and Quantum Algorithms. Part 2. Quantum Algorithms

The paper discusses principles of construction for quantum algorithms and their main features. Distinction of quantum parallelism from classical methods of high-performance computing is shown. Quantum algorithms design strategy is presented based on quantum circuits. Methods of programming for implementation of quantum algorithms using high-level languages are proposed. An approach to implement unitary transformations based on the oracle method is described.

Quantum Computers and Quantum Algorithms. Part 1. Quantum Computers

The paper presents the principles of operation of quantum computers. Competitive advantages of quantum computing are shown and some variants of a construction of an ideal quantum computer proposed. We analyze also the computational process in a quantum computer from the point of view of the complexity of algorithms. Implementation of nodes of a quantum computer is exemplified based on quantum communication schemes. The operation of Bloch sphere and visualization of the state of the qubit are described.