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Evaluation of the influence of white spot lesion on the mechanical properties of human tooth enamel and dentine

In the present paper the influence of early caries (white spot lesion) on the mechanical properties of human tooth enamel and dentine was ex vivo investigated. Optical microscopy made it possible to study the shape of the enamel caries area on a prepared longitudinal section of a human molar.

Investigation of surface roughness at micro-scale and mechanical response in the contemporary bio-polimer sutures by the nanoindentation

An investigation of properties of contemporary suture materials (surgical threads) is the state-of-art challenge in biomechanics. To improve an effectiveness of sutures application, an analysis of structure and elastic properties by the atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy is necessary to be performed.

Studying of Elastoplastic Properties of Coal Specimens Using Indentation Technique

A numerical study on elsatoplastic properties in problem of coals specimen nanoindentation by Berkovich pyramid is presented. The stress-strain state of specimen during indentation is calculated using finite element method including complex elastoplastic behaviour on the basis of Drucker-Prager model. The effective axisymmetrical indenter of cone shape is introduced and used for the simulation. The influence of basic geometrical and material parameters of the solid model on the indentation curve is studied.