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ISSN 2541-9005 (Online)

simulated annealing

The Effectiveness Analysis of Several Parallel Algorithms Based on Simulated Annealing Method of Global Optimization Problem Solving

This article presents the results of the development of a parallel computing system and testing its capabilities applied to solving scientific and educational problems. Three parallel variants of the simulated annealing algorithm are proposed and implemented for multiextreme criterion function of two variables with explicit constraints. The reliability and performance of parallel versions of the algorithm, depending on their parameters and the number of working nodes in parallel computing system, is investigated.

The application of optimization algorithm using simulated annealing method for parallel computing systems

This article presents the results of the adaptation algorithm for searching the global minimum of multiextreme criterion function of great count of variables with constraints based on the method of simulated annealing algorithm for systems of parallel and distributed computing. The reliability of the searching global minimum, depending on the number of nodes of parallel computer system is investigated.