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The Gradient Methods for Solving the Cauchy Problem for a Nonlinear ODE System

The article considers the Cauchy problem for a nonlinear system of ODE. This problem is reduced to the variational problem of minimizing some functional on the whole space. For this functional necessary minimum conditions are presented. On the basis of these conditions the steepest descent method and the method of conjugate directions for the considered problem are described. Numerical examples of the implementation of these methods are presented. The Cauchy problem with the system which is not solved with respect to derivatives is additionally investigated.

On a form of the first variation of the action integral over a varied domain

Field theories of the continuum mechanics and physics based on the least action principle are considered in a unified framework. Variation of the action integral in the least action principle corresponds variations of physical fields while space-time coordinates are not varied. However notion of the action invariance, theory of variational symmetries of action and conservation laws require a wider variation procedure including variations of the space-time coordinates.