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variational principle

Mathematical Models and Contemporary Theories of Physical Fields

Elements of the classical field theory based on a variational formulation of the Hamilton type are discussed and corresponding 4- dimensional Lagrange formalism is presented both as the variational and the group theoretical script. Variational symmetries (geometric and generalized) of field equations and the Noether theorem providing a regular way of obtaining a conservation law for every given variational symmetry are revisited in the study in order to give a complete version of the contemporary field theory.

Dynamics of Multilayered Thermoviscoelastic Plates

This paper deal with laminated thin-walled structures. The laminated structures considered herein consist of three layers. The following assumptions are assumed. The thickness of inner layer is considerably greater the others.The kine matic relationsf ortheinnerlayerare examined in the form of Mindlin – Reissner shell theory, for the outer layers are in the form of membrane theory. The deformations of the whole layered structure are defined by the polyline hypothesis.