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viscous liquid

Hydroelastic Response of a Sandwich Plate Possessing a Compressible Core and Interacting with a Rigid Die Via a Viscous Fluid Layer

The three-layered plate interaction with a rigid die through a layer of viscous fluid was investigated. The plate and rigid die formed a narrow channel with rectangular parallel walls. The channel was completely filled with a viscous incompressible fluid. The fluid movement in the channel was studied as a creeping one. The motion law of the rigid die was considered to be given as a harmonic one and the forced steady-state oscillations problem of the sandwich plate was considered.

The Problem of a Hydroelasticity for a Tube Ring-type a Profile with Elastic, Geometrically Irregular Outer Shell at Pressure Influence

The mechanical model presented in the form of a tube of ring section, formed by two surfaces of coaxial cylindrical shells cooperating with viscous incompressible liquid is considered. The mathematical model of this system consisting of the differential equations in private derivatives of describing dynamics of viscous incompressible liquid and an elastic ridge shell together with boundary conditions is constructed.

The Motion of Propping Agent in an Opening Crack in Hydraulic Fracturing Plast

In the present study the process of hydraulic fracture formation when pumping a viscous fluid with an admixture of particles into a well is considered. A model of a crack propagation taking account of the loss of liquid on seepage into a porous medium and the sedimentation of suspended particles under the action of gravity is developed. Detailed analysis of the sedimentation growth caused by leakage of hydraulic fracturing fluid into a porous medium is carried out. It is shown that the presence of particles has a significant effect on the process of crack opening.