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Salimov R. B., Shabalin P. L. The M.A. Lavrentiev Inverse Problem on Mapping of Half-Plane Onto Polygon with Infinite Set of Vertices
Salimov R. B. Modification of new approach to solution of the Hilbert boundary value problem for analytic function in multi-connected circular domain
Salimov R. B. To a Solution of the Inhomogeneous Riemann–Hilbert Boundary Value Problem for Analytic Function in Multiconnected Circular Domain in a Special Case
Salimov R. B., Karabasheva E. N. The new approach to solving the Riemann boundary value problem with infinite index
Salimov R. B. The Solution of the Homogeneous Riemann Boundary Value Problem with a Countable Set of Points of Discontinuity of the First Kind its Coefficient
Salimov R. B. About New Approach to Solution of Riemann’s Boundary Value Problem with Condition on the Half-line in Case of Infinite Index
Salimov R. B., Khasanova E. N. The Solution of the Homogeneous Boundary Value Problem of Riemann with Infinite Index of Logarithmic Order on the Beam by a New Method
Salimov R. B. The Solution of the Inverse Boundary Value Problem for a Wing Profile, Located Close to Rectilinear Screen, in a New Setting
Salimov R. B., Khasanova E. N. New Method for Investigating the Hilbert Boundary Value Problem with an Infinite Logarithmic Order Index