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Vatulyan A. O., Dudarev V. V. On Some Problems of Reconstruction of Inhomogeneous Pre-Stressed State in Elastic Solids
Vatulyan A. O., Nesterov S. A. About the Specifics of Identification Thermomechanical Characteristics of Functionally Graded Materials
Vatulyan A. O., Vasilev L. V. Determination of Attaching Parameters of Inhomogeneous Beams in the Presence of Damping
Bogachev I. V., Vatulyan A. O., Dudarev V. V., Lapina P. A., Nedin R. D. Identification of Properties of Inhomogeneous Plate in the Framework of the Timoshenko Model
Vatulyan A. O., Plotnikov D. K., Poddubny A. A. On Some Models of Indentation for Functionally-Graded Coatings
Vatulyan A. O., Lyapin A. A., Kossovich E. L. Studying of Elastoplastic Properties of Coal Specimens Using Indentation Technique
Vatulyan A. O., Nesterov S. A. On the Peculiarities of Solving the Coefficient Inverse Problem of Heat Conduction for a Two-Part Layer
Vatulyan A. O., Nesterov S. A. On the identification problem of the thermomechanical characteristics of the finite functionally graded cylinder
Vatulyan A. O., Yurov V. O. Waves in a viscoelastic cylindrical waveguide with a defect
Vatulyan A. O., Nesterov S. A. Solution of the inverse problem of two thermomechanical characteristics identification of a functionally graded rod