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The flexural strength of anisotropic composite plates with free edges

Modern technology shows increased demands on the strength properties of machines, their parts, as well as various structures, reducing their weight, volume and size, which leads to the need to use anisotropic composite materials. Finding criteria to determine the ultimate strength characteristics of structural elements, engineering structures is one of the urgent problems of solid mechanics. Strength problems in structures are often reduced to finding out the nature of the local stress state at the vertices of the joints of the constituent parts.

The asymptotic separation of variables in thermoelastic problem for anisotropic layer with inhomogeneous boundary conditions

 A method for resolving a thermoelasticity problem with inhomogeneous boundary conditions is presented. Boundary conditions represent uneven surface heating of the layer. An asymptotic procedure for separation of variables based on introduction of additional dimensional scales is used. With an additional assumption that the unevenness of the heating is small enough this procedure makes it possible to obtain the solution. The method is shown for periodic heating case. After the separation of variables the solution is obtained using Fourier series. 

Bend of Composite Anisotropic Slab Under Normal Loading

In this contribution, deflected mode of a thin slab under bending is investigated by the Lehnicky method of complex potential. The slab is composed of two elliptical rings; they are embedded in each other without tension. Material of the rings is anisotropic and different.