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axial compression

Theoretical investigation of the deformed graphene nanostructures

 The results of the theoretical investigations of properties of the deformed graphene structures are presented in this work. We investigated mechanical properties of the bi-layer graphene structures by means of the molecular dynamics method. To evaluate mechanical properties of graphene we applied a compression load to graphene. As a result of the investigations it was found that graphene became a wave-like with the increase of the compression. The number of half-wave, generated on the graphene surface depends on the size of graphene. 

Stability of the Cylindrical Cover with the Elastic-Viscous-Plastic Filler at Axial Compression

Within the limits of the exact three-dimensional equations of stability of an equilibrium state of a cylindrical cover with a filler is investigated at axial compression. Calculations were spent for a case when the cover material was modelled by an elastic body, and a filler material – environment with difficult rheological properties – elasticviscous-plastic. The estimation of influence on size of critical pressure of parameters of a cover and a filler is given.