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Influence of slipping on viscosimetric flow of a elastoviscoplastic material between rigid coaxial cylinders

 The viscoplastic flow of an incompressible elastoviscoplastic material between two rigid coaxial cylindrical surfaces is considered when slipping of a material is possible at one of them. The solution is constructed using the model of large elastoviscoplastic deformations. Reversible deformation, development and braking of a viscoplastic flow, unloading and deformation under rotation in the opposite direction are considered. Laws of movement of elastic-plastic boundaries are received. 

Graph approach for finite-element based model of an elastic body under conditions of axisymmetric deformation

 A numerical method for analysis of the stress – strain state of elastic media based on a discrete model in form of directed graph is suggested. To analyze a deformable body using the graph approach, we partitione a solid body on elements and replace each element by its model in the form of an elementary cell. The matrices, presenting several structure elements of the graph, and the equations, describing the elementary cells, contribute to deriving the constitutive equations of the intact body. Numerical examples are presented. 

The loading parameters calculation of a hollow sphere at the large elastocreep deformations

We presented a model of large elastocreep deformations. Separation of Almansi strain tensor is determined by the quadratic form of reversible and irreversible components. We consider spherically symmetric deformation of a hollow sphere in the steady creep process. Numerical solution of boundary-value problem was obtained. A method for determining loading force on the deformed state was proposed. Functions of the external loading force according to the laws of a given change in the displacement field were constructed.  

Multimodulus Behevior of the Grained Composites on the Base of Unsaturated Polyetheres

The results of the investigation of elastic properties of grained composite based on the unsaturated polyetheres were presented. This material was designed to substitute natural rocks in civil and mechanical engineering. The experimental values of elastic modulus and the Poisson‘s ratio under the tension and compression were obtained. It was shown that the investigated composite exhibits the dependence of elastic properties on the type of the stress state.

Stress of Heavy-Wall Tubing Cylindrical Pipes Taking into Account the Gravity for Materials with Difficult Rheology

Within a method of small parametre the field of stresses of heavy tubing cylindrical pipes is investigated at modelling of a material by the incompressible elasticis viscous-plastic environment. The estimation of influence on size of a plastic zone physicomechanical design parametres is given.