Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Influence of the modulation of the blood flow velocity in peripheral vessels on the temperature of the outer wall of the vessel: Finite element modeling of the adjoint problem

A finite element modelling of the process of the heat transfer from blood to the wall of an arterial vessel was carried out in order to solve a more general problem of determining the relationship between the amplitude-frequency characteristics of fluctuations in the volumetric blood flow velocity in peripheral vessels with temperature oscillations on the skin surface. A model was built in the ANSYS software with Fluid Flow CFX module which includes domains related to blood, the wall of a cylindrical vessel, and skin (bio-tissue).

The Geometrical Irregular Plates under the Influence of the Quick Changed on the Time Coordinate Forces and Temperature Effects

On the basis of incoherent thermoelasticity, the dynamic behaviour of geometrically irregular plates under the influence of quick changed, on the time coordinate, forces and temperature effects on surfaces is considered. An approach allowing to obtain the analytical solution of the thermoelasticity dynamic problem for the plate under inhomogeneous boundary conditions at all four edges is suggested.

Slot of Variable Width in a Hub of Friction Pair

Plane problem of fracture mechanics for a hub of a friction pair is studied. It is suggested that near the rough friction surface, the hub has a rectilinear slot of variable width. The slot width is comparable with elastic deformations. A criterion and a method for solving the inverse problem of mechanics of contact fracture on definition of displacement function of the hub external contour points in a friction pair with regard to the temperature drop and irregularities of the contact surface in friction pair components is given.