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Burlutskaya M. S., Khromov A. P. On Convergence of Riesz Means of the Expansions in Eigenfunctions of a Functional-Differential Operator on a Cycle-Graph
Burlutskaya M. S., Khromov A. P. On the Equiconvergence of Expansions for the Certain Class of the Functional-Differential Operators with Involution on the Graph
Burlutskaya M. S. The Theorem on Equiconvergence for the Integral Operator on Simplest Graph with Cycle
Burlutskaya M. S., Khromov A. P. On the Same Theorem on a Equiconvergence at the Whole Segment for the Functional Differential Operators
Burlutskaya M. S., Khromov A. P. Substantiation of Fourier Method in Mixed Problem with Involution
Burlutskaya M. S., Kurdyumov V. P., Khromov A. P. Refined asymptotic formulas for eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Dirac system with nondifferentiable potential
Burlutskaya M. S. Jordan–Dirichlet Theorem for Functional Differential Operator with Involution
Khromov A. P., Burlutskaya M. S. Classical solution by the Fourier method of mixed problems with minimum requirements on the initial data
Burlutskaya M. S., Khromov A. P. Mixed problem for simplest hyperbolic first order equations with involution
Burlutskaya M. S. A Mixed Problem for a System of First Order Differential Equations with Continuous Potential