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Pavlova O. E., Ivanov D. V., Gramakova А. А., Моrozov K. M., Suslov I. I. Hemodynamics and Mechanical Behavior of Pathologically Tortuous Carotid Arteries
Ivanov D. V. Analysis of Healthy and Pathological Human Willis Circle Arteries
Dol A. V., Fomkina O. A., Ivanov D. V. Threshold Values of Morphological Parameters Associated with Cerebral Aneurysm Rupture Risk
Donnik A. M., Ivanov D. V., Kireev S. I., Kossovich L. Y., Ostrovsky N. V., Norkin I. A., Levchenko K. K., Likhachev . V. Extracting Clinically Relevant Data from Biomechanical Modeling of Surgical Treatment Options for Spinal Injury in Damaged Vertebrae Th10, Th11
Donnik A. M., Ivanov D. V., Kossovich L. Y., Levchenko K. K., Kireev S. I., Моrozov K. M., Ostrovsky N. V., Zaretskov V. V., Likhachev . V. Creation of Three-Dimensional Solid-State Models of a Spine with Transpedicular Fixation Using a Specialized Software
Ivanov D. V., Kirillova I. V., Kossovich L. Y., Bessonov L. V., Petraikin A. V., Dol A. V., Ahmad E. S., Morozov S. P., Vladzymyrskyy A. V., Sergunova K. A., Kharlamov A. V. Influence of Convolution Kernel and Beam-Hardening Effect on the Assessment of Trabecular Bone Mineral Density Using Quantitative Computed Tomography
Beskrovny A. S., Bessonov L. V., Ivanov D. V., Kirillova I. V., Kossovich L. Y. Using the Mask-RCNN Convolutional Neural Network to Automate the Construction of Two-Dimensional Solid Vertebral Models
Bessonov L. V., Golyadkina A. A., Dmitriev P. O., Dol A. V., Zolotov V. S., Ivanov D. V., Kirillova I. V., Kossovich L. Y., Titova Y. I., Ulyanov V. Y., Kharlamov A. V. Constructing the dependence between the Young’s modulus value and the Hounsfield units of spongy tissue of human femoral heads
Beskrovny A. S., Bessonov L. V., Ivanov D. V., Zolotov V. S., Sidorenko D. A., Kirillova I. V., Kossovich L. Y. Construction of 3D solid vertebral models using convolutional neural networks
Ivanov D. V. Biomechanical support for the physician’s decision when choosing a treatment option based on quantitative success criteria