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Radchenko V. P., Tsvetkov V. V. Creep and Long-Term Strength Modeling for Thick-Walled Tubes under Combined Loading with Axial Force, Torsional Moment and Internal Pressure
Radchenko V. P., Afanaseva O. S., Glebov V. E. Influence of Residual Stresses on Geometric Parameters of Surface-Strengthened Beam
Radchenko V. P., Shishkin D. M. The Method of Reconstruction of Residual Stresses in a Prismatic Specimen with a Notch of a Semicircular Profile after Advanced Surface Plastic Deformation
Radchenko V. P., Shishkin D. M. Numerical method for calculating the stress-strain state in a prismatic surface-hardened spacemen with a notch in elastic and elastoplastic formulations
Radchenko V. P., Derevyanka E. E. Kinetics of residual stresses in thin-walled cylindrical specimens after bilateral surface hardening under creep conditions with rigid constraints on angular and axial linear displacements
Radchenko V. P., Berbasova T. I., Saushkin M. N., Akinfieva M. M. Relaxation of residual stresses in surface-hardened rotating prismatic elements of structures under creep conditions