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численное моделирование

Impeller flowmeters as a tool for assessing blood flow in an experimental test bench

Many scientific groups are engaged in the development of experimental stands for assessing blood flow through large arteries. Such stands are used to verify the results of numerical modeling, as well as for direct analysis of hemodynamics or the behavior of vascular walls or biological tissue substitutes. When developing stands, a task arises which is selecting and calibrating flowmeters that are used to measure blood flow at the entrance to the vessel and at its exits.

Numerical study of the influence of the parameters of dispersed particles on the deposition of the solid phase of an electrically charged polydisperse gas suspension

The work is devoted to the study of the laws governing the deposition of particles of the dispersed phase of an electrically charged dusty medium moving in a channel onto an electrode plate. The aim of the study is to reveal the influence of the size of dispersed inclusions and the density of the material of particles on the process of settling of fractions of a polydisperse gas suspension on the surface of the electrode plate.

Flow of Slibar–Paslay material in a flat channel

The question of the numerical simulation of unstable flow of a viscoplastic material in a flat channel is considered. Defining relations are taken in the form of Slibar–Paslay. The problem is solved in stresses. Theorem about the weak discontinuity at the interfaces between rigid and viscoplastic zones is proved. The original numerical method for solving the problem is offered. Numerical simulation results are presented. 

The Construction of the Deformation Diagrams of Metals and Alloys at Impact Compression of Tablet Specimens with Friction Forces Consideration

The influence of friction forces on the dynamic deformation of elastoviscoplastic tablet specimens was numerically and experimentally investigated. The main dependencies of their shape changing for metals and alloys have been established. Acriterionof the shape chang in gof tablet specimen sisproposed.

Modeling the Dynamics of Massless Charge Carries is Two-Dimensional System

The paper presents the results obtained in the process of developing a system for simulating the generation of massless charge carriers with a photon-like spectrum by an external electric field for two-dimensional media. The basis of the system is a physical model of the process, built in the formalism of a kinetic equation for an adequate quantum-field theory. It does not use simplifying assumptions, including expansions in some small parameters (perturbation theory). In this sense, the model used is accurate.