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Specification of prognostic models and software implementation of a calculator for predicting a fatal outcome in a combined pelvic injury

Based on the regression, factor and discriminant analysis of the depersonalized data of 1082 patients with combined pelvic injuries, prognostic logit models were developed, including such factors as age, the variant of the mechanism of pelvic injury, results of the assessment of the degree of impaired consciousness and coma on the Glasgow scale, and total quantitative scores of damage severity for each of the three commonly used scales (Yu. N. Tsibin's, VPH-P (MT), ISS).

Imitation tools for automated systems used in small arms testing

Currently, various imitators (imitation tools) are widely used to test various equipment and evaluate its parameters. The main goal of developing new imitation tools in the field of creating automated systems used in testing small arms is to accelerate and cheapen the development and implementation of such systems. The article discusses the general structure of information-measuring systems used in testing small arms based on acoustic and optical blocking devices, as well as on the basis of a video camera.