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integral equation

On the identification problem of the thermomechanical characteristics of the finite functionally graded cylinder

The problem of axisymmetric vibrations of a functionally graded finite hollow cylinder is considered. The ends of the cylinder are thermally insulated and are in a sliding fit. Zero temperature is maintained on the inner surface of the cylinder, free from stress, and a combined thermal and power load acts on the outer surface. The direct problem after applying the Laplace transform is solved based on the method of separation of variables.

Approximating Properties of the Powers of the Differentiation Operator Resolvent

The families of operators are constructed and their approximating properties are investigated in the problems of approximating the derivative of function sand the smooth solutions of integralequations.

A Boundary-Value Problem with Shifted for a Mixed Type Equation with Fractional Derivative

A non-local problem for a mixed type equation with partial fractional derivative of Riemann – Liouville is studied, boundary condition of which contains linear combination of generalized operators of fractional integro-differentiation. Unique solvability of the problem is then proved.

On the Peculiarities of Solving the Coefficient Inverse Problem of Heat Conduction for a Two-Part Layer

The coefficient inverse problem of thermal conductivity about the determination of the thermophysical characteristics of the functional-gradient part of a two-component layer is posed. The input information is the temperature measurement data on the top face of the layer. After the Laplace transform and dimensioning, the direct problem of heat conduction is solved on the basis of Galerkin projection method. Conversion of transformant on the basis of the theory of residues is carried out.