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mechanical properties

Influence of a polymeric infiltrant on the density of enamel white spot lesions

In modern dental practice,  treatment of early stages of caries is possible using minimally invasive intervention. In this work, using X-ray computed microtomography (micro-CT), an ex vivo non-destructive study of the density of white spot lesions was carried out before and after the application of a polymer infiltrant.

Evaluation of the influence of white spot lesion on the mechanical properties of human tooth enamel and dentine

In the present paper the influence of early caries (white spot lesion) on the mechanical properties of human tooth enamel and dentine was ex vivo investigated. Optical microscopy made it possible to study the shape of the enamel caries area on a prepared longitudinal section of a human molar.

Influence Topology on Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotorov: Predictive Modeling

In this paper the results of theoretical studies of the effect of topological features of the mechanical properties of carbon nanotori are presented. Numerical analysis of the atomic structure and properties of the objects was carried out by the molecular dynamics and quantum tight-binding method. Conclusions about the stability of the investigated nanotori were made on the base of the results of calculations of the enthalpy of the reaction. The first calculations of the elastic modulus carbon nanotori are presented.

Multimodulus Behevior of the Grained Composites on the Base of Unsaturated Polyetheres

The results of the investigation of elastic properties of grained composite based on the unsaturated polyetheres were presented. This material was designed to substitute natural rocks in civil and mechanical engineering. The experimental values of elastic modulus and the Poisson‘s ratio under the tension and compression were obtained. It was shown that the investigated composite exhibits the dependence of elastic properties on the type of the stress state.

Analysis of Healthy and Pathological Human Willis Circle Arteries

The aim of this research is to explain initiation, growth and rupture processes of intracranial aneurysms from the mechanical point of view. Results of mechanical testing experiments of intracranial arteries segments are presented, method of obtaining hyperelastic material constants is described. Several boundary problems which simulate blood flow through the arteries were solved with the help of finite element method.  

The Cortical Bone Tissue Controlled Recovering After Treatment in the External Fixation Apparatuses

The paper represents the new bone tissue rehabilitation method. The rehabilitation control loads are affected to the regenerative lower extremity by the use of a special training device. The adaptive changes of the elasticity modulus, porosity, volumetric mineral content and strengthening of the cortical bone tissue are simulated during the union of a bone using the external fixation apparatus (by example of the Ilizarov’s pin apparatus) and the following rehabilitation time.