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Pankratov I. A., Chelnokov Y. N. Analytical Solution of Differential Equations of Circular Spacecraft Orbit Orientation
Pankratov I. A., Sapunkov Y. G., Chelnokov Y. N. About a problem of spacecraft's orbit optimal reorientation
Pankratov I. A., Sapunkov Y. G., Chelnokov Y. N. Solution of a Problem of Spacecraft’s Orbit Optimal Reorientation Using Quaternion Equations of Orbital System of Coordinates Orientation
Loginov M. Y., Tkachenko M. G., Chelnokov Y. N. Analytical Solution of Linear Differential Error Equations of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System, Functioning in the Normal Geographic Reference Frame, for the Case of an Object, Following the Geographical Equator
Chelnokov Y. N., Lomovtseva E. I. Dual Matrix and Biquaternion Methods of Solving Direct and Inverse Kinematics Problems of Manipulators, for Example Stanford Robot Arm. I
Kozlov E. A., Chelnokov Y. N., Pankratov I. A. Investigation of the Problem of Optimal Correction of Angular Elements of the Spacecraft Orbit Using Quaternion Differential Equation of Orbit Orientation
Chelnokov Y. N., Nelaeva E. I. Solving Kinematic Problem of Optimal Nonlinear Stabilization of Arbitrary Program Movement of Free Rigid Body
Chelnokov Y. N., Perelyaev S. E., Chelnokova L. A. An Investigation of Algorithms for Estimating the Inertial Orientation of a Moving Object
Pankratov I. A., Sapunkov Y. G., Chelnokov Y. N. Quaternion Models and Algorithms for Solving the General Problem of Optimal Reorientation of Spacecraft Orbit