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Andreichenko D. K., Irmatov P. V., Irmatova M. S., Shcherbakov M. G. About Realisation of Finite-Element Modeling in Problems of an Osteosynthesis on Cluster Systems of SSU
Komarova M. S., Andreichenko K. P., Andreichenko D. K. The Choice of Optimal Parameters for Combined Dynamical Systems
Davidovich M. V., Shilovskii P. A., Andreichenko D. K. Using parallel computing technologies for modeling of metallic photonic crystals
Andreichenko D. K., Eroftiev A. A., Melnichuk D. V. Parallelization of Parametric Synthesis by «Problems Portfolio» Scheme Based on MPI Technology
Andreichenko D. K., Andreichenko K. P., Melnichuk D. V., Portenko M. S. Adaptive Algorithm of Parametric Synthesis of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
Portenko M. S., Melnichuk D. V., Andreichenko D. K. Analyticity Conditions of Characteristic and Disturbing Quasipolynomials of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
Andreichenko D. K., Fedor M. Z. Learning Neural Network Controllers for Stabilizing Hybrid Dynamic Systems
Andreichenko D. K., Andreichenko K. P., Batraeva I. A. Hybrid Automation Extended Model